14 cute boho outfits for class


It’s fun to show your style when you go to class, right? At school, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want. You do not have to worry about the dress code and you can wear unique items without being judged. The style options when you attend your lecture or study in the library are endless. You can experiment with so many different vibrations, from Preppy to Bohemian.

The Bohemian Vibe is still popular with college girls and we at CF are big fans of this style. If you think of the boho style, do you think of the 70s, nature, music festivals, hippies, etc.? Bohemian fashion is synonymous with fluid parts and unique accessories. What’s special about bohemian fashion is that it’s very comfortable, which means it does not stop you from getting to know nineteenth-century literature or reading tons of pages.

Whether you want to attend a math tutorial, a lecture on ancient Greece or a discussion of politics, we have 14 boho chic outfits to channel your boho babe. Let’s go to them!

Bell T-shirt with flared jeans

Dress in a white bell-sleeves t-shirt, flared jeans, brown ankle boots, a red tassel necklace and a printed shoulder bag

Want a 70s alternative to a crew-neck t-shirt and skinny jeans? Look no further than a short-sleeved T-shirt and flared jeans. Flared sleeves and jeans have become fashionable many times. The white bell-sleeved top is simple and chic with blue flared jeans. This top is an excellent unconventional alternative to the usual short-sleeved T-shirt with a round neck or a V-neck.

The flared jeans are chic with thick heels and the brown ankle boots have a slightly thick heel. This makes it a comfortable choice to attend classes while lengthening your legs.

Because this outfit is so easy, we can add color and prints. A red tassel necklace and a printed shoulder bag are all you need to complete the set.

Kimono and Boyfriend Jeans

Cherry blossom kimono set, white tank top, boyfriend jeans, wrap bracelet, black and white sneakers and pom-pom backpack
Products: Kimono – Last Call, Tank – Old Navy, Jeans – Gap Factory, Sneakers – Payless, Bracelet – Etsy, Backpack – Boohoo

A white tank top and boyfriend jeans are perfect for creating a classy boho chic outfit. Wear a Charmeuse Kimono in cherry blossom to contrast with the jeans and increase the volume of the tank.

The low-cut sneakers would be perfect with this look. These sneakers can look like Converse sneakers, but they are actually Airwalk sneakers. Although Converse can make it a good deal, some of you do not want to give up the money. That’s why Airwalk sneakers are a good alternative. They give you the same look for a lot less.

Add a touch of bohemian style to this casual and cool outfit with its beaded bracelet and embroidered tassel backpack.

Jacket, maxi dress and gladiator sandals

Outfit with floral maxi dress, fake fur shadow vest, pompom gladiator sandals, sunglasses, bracelet and large colorful tote bag
Products: Vest – Nordstrom Rack, Dress – Nordstrom, Sandals – Guess, Bracelet – Saks Off 5th, Sunglasses – Saks Off 5th, Bag – Etsy

Maxi dresses are perfect for the class because they are comfortable and a great alternative to the T-shirt and sweatshirt that you normally see. They are also monobloc, so you do not have to worry about adding another piece to the bottom. Maxi dresses are great for presentations, lectures, learning sessions in the library and more.

This pretty long dress is held in a mint color subtly adding color. Wear it with a faux-fur Ombre jacket and black gladiator tassel sandals. Add sunglasses and a gold bracelet to keep your look simple.

This unique patch bag by Etsy offers a really big punch. It’s big enough to carry everything you need for your classes, but it’s great fun and lets you mix prints. The bag is made up of all the impressions in one. This is a good choice because much of the outfit is simple and does not run up against the mint color of the dress.

Printed dress and sneakers

Outfit with printed bohemian dress, white sneakers, aviator sunglasses and floral shoulder bag
Products: Dress – Amazon, Sneakers – Payless, Sunglasses – Target, Bag – Zappos

Wearing a printed dress with sports sneakers is a fun way to get into the trend of dress with sneakers. The white sneakers are perfect for everything, especially for this printed dress. Add aviator sunglasses for a cool girl effect and mix prints with a floral shoulder bag. We love the idea of ​​bringing flowers all year round.

White dress and brown accessories

Dress with a white crochet dress, studded boots, a leopard print pocket, a pompom hat and a slim waistband
Products: Dress – Macy’s, Booties – DSW, Belt – Brooks Brothers, Hat – Saks Off 5th, Bag – J. Crew

White crochet dresses are very common dresses for a bohemian vibe. Combine that with Macy’s with brown nails to make it suitable for the class. A simple, narrow brown belt accentuates your waist and gives the shape of the dress.

A Fedora Pom-Pom is a unique hat that is worn in class and adds a splash of color. The leopard print will tend to fall and the tote above is a fun touch. It’s cotton and it’s reusable, which makes the bag very practical. You can even customize it.

Poncho jeans and flared

Outfit with poncho, white t-shirt, flared jeans, black ankle boots, earrings and printed backpack
Products: Tea – Cabbage, Poncho – Forever 21, Jeans – American Eagle, Earrings – Target, Boots – ASOS, Backpack – Etsy

This is a perfect fall outfit for the boho babe. It is ideal for cold mornings and / or cool conference rooms. Start with a white elbow T-shirt and flared jeans. Stay warm with an autumn color poncho from Forever 21.

Black boots go with everything and give you a comfortable size. Wear all essentials in a unique print backpack and add a touch of leafy earrings.

Off-the-shoulder top and short jean

Featuring off-shoulder blue top, short jeans, flat espadrille sandals, blue tassel necklace and fringed backpack
Products: Top – H & M, Jeans – Nordstrom Rack, Sandals – ASOS, Necklace – Etsy, Backpack – Amazon

Do you like monochrome outfits and bohemian atmosphere? If so, this outfit could be for you. It has a fashionable canvas, consisting of a blue top and short jeans. A blue tassel necklace corresponds to the top and gives the illusion of pearl bracelets.

An embroidered fringed backpack in a different shade of blue carries all the essentials, while flat sandals Espadrille sandals break the blue set and give you a boost in height, without sacrificing comfort.

Tunic, jacket and flared jean

Uniform floral tunic, fringed jacket, flared jeans, black slippers, striped headband and purple collar
Products: Tunic – Rack Nordstrom, Vest – Tobi, Jeans – Forever 21, Headband – Francesca, Necklace – Etsy, Mules – H & M

This outfit can be used for conferences, discussions and presentations. Frayed torches are a modern interpretation of the 70s rockets. Add a floral band tunic and avoid dragging your jeans on the floor with thick black mules that do not compromise comfort.

Channel your inner hippie with a suede fringed vest. The stripes and flowers are beautiful prints to combine, thus completing the top with a subtly striped headband. Complete the look with a pendant necklace for a splash of color.

Printed wrap dress and sneakers

Bohemian outfit with red wrap dress, bar chain, sneakers and hemp backpack
Products: Dress – Nordstrom, Espadrilles – ASOS, Necklace – Nordstrom Rack, Backpack – Amazon

A red wrap dress is casual and chic, especially when paired with lace-up sneakers. Let the dress speak with a simple necklace, but you can mix prints by adding a printed hemp backpack. Combine one of the colors with the dress and you’re done.

T-shirt, shorts, vest with fringes and cowboy boots

With an Orange V-neck T-shirt, denim shorts, cowboy boots, round sunglasses and a faux suede waistcoat
Products: Tee – Hanes, Short – H & M, Boots – JCPenney, Vest – Forever 21, Round Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

It’s not because you go to class that you can not dress up as if you’re going to a music festival. Getting dressed as if you are going to Coachella can be a lot of fun.

A simple orange V-neck t-shirt and jersey shorts can be an ideal complement to Coachella style accessories. A suede fringed vest, round sunglasses and cowboy boots give your T-shirt a bohemian look and are a Coachella-inspired wearable outfit.

White top and palazzo pants

White V-neck suit, orange palazzo pants, brown sandals, printed backpack and gold cuff
Products: Top Gap, Trousers – JCPenney, Sandals – Nordstrom Rack, Cuff – BaubleBar, Rucksack like Etsy

Printed pants add a touch of bohemian chic to any outfit. Keep it simple with a white V-neck that goes with everything and brown ankle strap sandals. Wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of Palazzo pants looks like a college t-shirt and jogger, but it’s a much more elegant alternative.

A gold cuff bracelet gives momentum, while you can combine with a backpack prints with the pants. See how the orange in the backpack matches the color of the pants?

Suede jacket and lace top

With a white lace top, a suede jacket, a cashmere scarf, skinny jeans, ankle boots, aviator sunglasses and a backpack
Products: Jacket – Old Navy, Top – Nordstrom, Jeans – Macy, Boots – River Island, Scarf – Old Navy, Sunglasses – Forever 21, Backpack – Etsy

This outfit is part of the boho-chic, another part is cool girls. Mixing textures and printing is a way to get that boho look. Combine a suede jacket with a lace t-shirt. Simple skinny jeans will keep your eyes anchored. Add laser-cut ankle boots for more texture.

Scarves are a great way to instantly enhance your outfit, and this Old Navy paisley print brings this outfit to a bohemian chic level. Be the cool boho girl in your class wearing aviator colored sunglasses. Etsy offers beautiful bohemian backpacks, and this print becomes an affirmative part of your outfit, offering a subtle touch of color.

Farmer’s top and denim shorts

With a peasant top, light denim shorts, an orange / red beaded bracelet, brown slides and a tribal print backpack
Products: Gap Top, Shorts – H & M, Slides – Target, Backpack – Etsy, Armband – Nordstrom Rack

A tall peasant with light denim shorts is a step forward from the plain t-shirt and mid-size denim shorts that you might find on campus. The brown slides are perfect if you do not have much time to wear shoes and make walking easier.

With a hot beaded bracelet and a tribal printed backpack, you can pimp a little.

Fringe cardigan and romper

Fringe cardigan, printed romper, floral headband, sandals and backpack
Products: Cardigan – Old Navy, Romper – American Eagle, Sandals – American Eagle, Headband – H & M, Backpack – Etsy

A romper is a one-piece jumpsuit, which means that you can throw it without hesitation on the fact that the top or the bottom match the other and vice versa. A romper is very versatile and does not require much effort to wear. Stay warm with a fringed cardigan while the edge trend is still strong. The long white cardigan with the delicate printed romper looks like a perfect combination.

A floral headband gives humor to music festivals, while simple sandals with a jumpsuit and sweater are perfect. Plus, they help you to go to class comfortably. A printed and square backpack brings even more flair. It would be a classy outfit if your style is more bohemian.

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