Autumn 2018 Trends: Animal Prints


Welcome to Trend Fashion Fall Fashion 2018 from College Fashion! If you have not seen it yet, start with our first article on the 10 most popular trends in the fall of 2018 for the complete list of trends that we will discuss.

Last week, we discussed the details of the faux fur shown on many parades in the fall of 2018, and this week we will be dealing with animal prints.

This trend is refined, chic and trendy this fall. In this article we will see how this has been shown on the podium and where you can get this trend on a budget.

Animals parades Autumn 2018 Catwalks

Carolina Herrera

During the Fall 2018 parades, we saw different types of animal prints. Most importantly, Carolina Herrera has brought many tiger and leopard prints to her fall collection. You can see on the picture above how she paired a statement coat with a simple dress. It’s an elegant, eye-catching, sophisticated but elegant look.

While animal print can range from zebra-striped tiger-inspired patterns, leopard print is by far the easiest way to tilt this trend. In fact, you may already have leopard in your wardrobe! If you do not want or do not want more, here are some of my favorite purchases.

Where to buy animal prints

You can buy this leopard camouflage print dress by Forever 21, currently for only $ 12. The peculiarity of this dress lies in the fact that it plays with the combination of the tight dress and t-shirt in the 90s while keeping the animal fashionable on the ground of autumn.

You can also wear the dress without the t-shirt if you want an elegant nightwear. Or the rocker with the t-shirt, the sneakers and a nice bag for a casual look everyday.

Leopard print detail

Sometimes, animal prints are too “strong” for those who are starting to go into fashion. A good alternative is to choose something that uses pressure in a discreet and subtle way.

Forever 21 does it with his leopard panel denim skirt; He has a touch of leopard on the sides. This gives your outfit a little flair without rocking the animal print from head to toe. You can get this skirt at Forever 21 for the low price of $ 19.90.

Animal print shoes

Shoes are always a fabulous way to show your statement style without going too far. You can buy these Forever 21 leopard print ankle boots for $ 34.90 and they are available in a beautiful assortment of sizes.

The best way to wear these shoes is a simple outfit, possibly with black jeans and a white top, just to shine the shoes. If you wear these statement shoes, you will go everywhere, wherever you go.

What animal prints do you want to wear?
Animal footprints are a fun way to get attention in a crowd. Tell us in the comments how you want to wear your animal prints.

Next week we will clean the red color and become the hue of the fall season. Until there!

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