How to dress for a party by the pool


Pool parties are always a good idea. They are a great place to stay cool and meet new people. And as it’s Labor Day weekend, it’s the perfect time to have one last poolside pool before classes begin.

The best at the pool? All the pretty swimsuits that you can wear! Here are 3 stylish looks for your next pool party.

Attire # 1
a piece
Products: One Piece – Boohoo, Floppy Hat – Boohoo, Cover Up – Skin Look, Wedges – Chinese / Amazon Lingerie, Sunglasses – Jessica Simpson / Lord and Taylor.

For those of you who are obsessed with just one piece, this outfit is for you. This neck swimsuit is a piece that goes perfectly with a big sun hat, like a fashionable hat. It’s the summer trend that you have to try!

To make sure you’re ready for this party by the pool, put on a light jacket or knit or cover up. A concealment makes a better and better outfit. We do not advise you to wear jewelry because chlorine can spoil you or you can lose it in the pool. So, put on your oversized sunglasses instead to make an even bigger statement.

With one piece, it is perfectly acceptable to wear corners. If you do not want to go in the water, go with style. You will look fashionable, stylish and totally fashionable.

Attire # 2
two pieces
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Unique pieces are not for everyone and that’s good. If you are a girl in two parts, then this is the next outfit for you. You want to look good on a poolside party for photos and there is no better way than doing it in two parts. For a party at the pool, we recommend a color that stands out, such as red or yellow. After all, it’s good to keep an eye on you.

With this outfit, you pair it with fashionable sunglasses. The sunglasses not only protect you from the sun, but also give you the opportunity to discover some unseen cuties.

Then you will need elegant sandals. If you plan to go swimming, it is best to wear sandals that are easy to wear and wear. And of course, you will need good coverage when you go out of the pool. This sarong will take your eyes to the next level.

Attire # 3
Pool Party
Products: High Waisted Shorts – Miss Guided, Crop Top – Nordstrom Rack, Floppy Beanie – Nordstrom Rack, Sunglasses – Boohoo, Sandals – Pacsun, Necklace – Boohoo, Bracelet – Miss Guided, Backpack – Boohoo.

You do not have to wear a swimsuit to go to a pool party. You can always rock your clothes everyday. For those of you who do not wear swimsuits, we recommend high waisted shorts. And not just denim shorts. We recommend floral shorts because they are cute and totally stylish.

Lie in the sun all day, combine this outfit with a tank to keep you cool and look stylish. Then combine it with a chic hat to make sure the sun is not in your face.

As you are probably out of the water, it is perfectly acceptable to bring a purse or backpack with you. Also wear lace-up sandals. This will be your statement and will help you look even nicer. And again, as you do not really go into the pool, it’s perfect to wear jewelry, like a bracelet and a necklace.

What do you usually wear at a party by the pool?
Dressing for a party at the pool is certainly not that difficult. We have outfits for those who love one-piece, two-piece and those who do not like swimsuits. These outfits will make sure you’re ready for your next pool party!

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