All you need to know about mixers


You did it! You have succeeded thanks to the recruitment, you have joined your perfect fraternity and it is now time to join your first mixer.

So, wait … what’s a mixer?

A blender is a closed party between a fraternity and a fraternity. “Closed” means that members of other Greek or non-Greek organizations are not allowed to attend the exclusive party. Often, a sorority has a certain fraternity with which they mix the most and calls this frat as their brother.

As you are fully prepared for your first blender

1. The fun part of Blenders is that everyone has a theme. For example, it could be a beach-themed party where all the brothers take off their bras and their coco skirts. Most members tend to choose these events, so do not be shy to fully embrace the lei.

2. Always have a twinning system with mixers. Although it’s smaller events than the typical “Open” a.k.a including the college party are always safe and go with a small group of sisters and do not forget to take care of each other.

3. find friends! The mixers are made to make friends and kiss your Greek letters. Do not go into these events with a shot of “I’m going to meet a super hot guy”. Be open to long-term friendships!

4. Eat a big meal before the event. Mixers can be long. Sometimes you have to stay for the whole party. Never make excuses “I want to be slim in my photos” and not eat a big dinner first. You do not want to be miserable and be hungry all night long.

10 popular mixing themes to know

1. Neons
It’s pretty self-explanatory: dress up for all things neon!

2. Bahama Bash
Who cares that summer is over? Return bikinis and hula skirts.

3. Not this world
Did someone say someone else? Metallic colors and vibrant colors are essential for this mixer.

4. Greek is awesome
Dress in your culture in togas! Yes, you can simply tie up your sheets and make a dress.

5. Does anyone say PAJAMA PARTY ?!
The parties are so late, but it does not matter if you can only appear in pajamas?

6. Denim on Denim
Denim is right. Perfect for stacking and wrapping with your mixer in style.

7th angel and devil
Ok, well … it’s not all Halloween, but who said you could not accept your inner angel in September?

8th boxing ring
Throw away your pink boxing gloves and your best sports bra when you kick.

9. ABC
You may be thinking, “Whoa, I’m definitely not going to a party without clothes!” Do not worry, Anything But Clothes means you’re wearing duct tape, plastic bags, etc.

10. last of the bondage mixer
For the majority of this holiday, you are either tied to a brother or to one of your sisters, then forced to meet you! It sounds weird, but it’s so much fun.

Are you ready for the blender season?

The mixers are fantastic! You will like it. The comments below are questions you have about all things about blenders.

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