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College can be a good time to discover what you love, fashion and experiment with your personal style. However, you will find that as soon as the initial excitement of being in a new environment subsides and things such as school work and personal responsibilities accumulate, you become accustomed to wearing what is most comfortable … and your version is almost identical to all the others!

Of course, you should not dress like the others; People are social animals and it is natural to want to adapt. Even if you do not deliberately try to be like the others, you may find that what you love is exactly what many others like – and that’s perfectly fine! After all, many things are popular because they have stood the test of time and work in many different situations.

But maybe you want to expand your horizons or maybe you have to change things for a while? Anyway, you are in the mood to stand out!

So, read on for five tips on how to do it.

1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

If you have read some of my articles here on CF, you will find that I always try to combine each outfit with at least one accessory, be it a pretty scarf, glittering jewels or fun sunglasses. That’s because I firmly believe that the right accessories can turn an easy to fabulous outfit with little effort, not to mention the fact that buying a few accessories can often be cheaper than buying a new outfit !

So, if you find that your outfits have been a little repetitive lately, why not add a unique accessory to the mix? Not only does this highlight your look, but it will allow you to see the clothes you have in a new light.

2. Hit Thrift / Vintage Shops

Savings / vintage stores can be a great way to take advantage of current trends without spending too much money (which happens after all!); But they can also be a great inspiration for fashion when it comes to creating beautiful looks that may not be at the forefront of the fashion world.

In my opinion, the best way to go shopping for savings / vintage is to have the least possible expectations (since you never know what you will find) and to be ready to hunt for some time to score something. spectacular thing. (because you will never know what you will find again).

When you wear something vintage for the first time, do not feel obliged to go out. Even if you combine, for example, a 70s blouse with skinny jeans and usual boots, you’ll notice even more than just combining these pieces with something simple.

3. Mix and customize different styles

Often, in the world of fashion, clothes are divided into categories such as women, sports, pissed off, etc. In addition, it is often expected that if you wear a certain category item, the rest of your look will include pieces of this category.

However, some of the best appear when parts of “collision categories” are collected. That’s why I encourage all students who want to stand out from their style and try something completely different.

“Entry-level ideas” include a feminine floral dress with an angular leather jacket and combat boots, a neat buttoned shirt with burschikosen loose jeans and colorful ankle boots.

4. Think about changing your hair / makeup routine

The hairstyle and makeup routines are the easiest to place in a rut. After all, finding the right look for your facial features, budget and routine can be difficult. But if you want to stand out, you can change your beauty routine by adding or removing a single product.

So, if you often wear a natural-looking makeup, why not try adding lipstick? Or, if you regularly wear your hair in a messy knot, why not try wearing it in its natural texture? Finally, why not try an item of your beauty routine to get your outfit for the day? (For example, if you wear a green dress, contrasting eye shadows, or if you wear a bohemian look, try putting your hair in an elegant ponytail to create an attractive aesthetic.)

5. Own your personal style!

Whatever your personal style, the best way to stand out is to wear what you love and run. So, if you really like the sporty style, you should immediately wear a super cool tracksuit. Or, if you like to dress, do not be afraid to wear a tulle skirt in broad daylight.

The fact is that sometimes people are so dressed in college because people are afraid to look different. And while this is quite understandable, it unfortunately tends to impede the expression of many people.

Therefore, you should take this as a sign that you should not be afraid to wear what you want. Even if you hate him, you can always try something new with him. As I said, it’s just fashion!

Hope these tips have inspired you to stand out. After all, you are (usually) at university only once and there is no better time to take a risk of style than now. So, take a chance; You never know what style the discoveries could lead to!

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